Rob Henley
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Housekeeper
Family & Friends
Friends: Roman Bancroft
Crisp Qiles
Elliot Bancroft
Lex Northcote
Sexuality: Straight
Series Information
First appearance: Breakthrough: The First Flight
Portrayer: Julian Morris
Rob Henley is a character in Breakthrough: The First Flight. He is the twenty-four year old housekeeper to the Bancroft Mansion.

Rob makes his first debut in Breakthrough: The First Flight.

Rob is portrayed by Julian Morris.


Rob is skinny and tall. He has curly brown hair and warm brown eyes. He isn't buff like Crisp or Roman and doesn't know how to fight like them.


Rob is smart and bubbly. He is British and has an accent to prove it. Rob may not be strong and can't fight, but he is smart and witty and can worm his way out from words. Rob is also wise and gives good advise to Crisp along the way.


Elliot BancroftEdit

It is hinted in the beginning of Breakthrough: The First Flight that Rob might have a crush on Elliot when Crisp and Roman bring Elliot to the Bancroft Mansion, but it isn't confirmed.