Elliot Bancroft
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Aliases: Lil' Sister, Prude (Roman Bancroft)
Prude-of-a-Sister (Crisp Qiles)
Miss Bancroft (Rob Henley)
Family & Friends
Family: Roman Bancroft
Friends: Crisp Qiles
Rob Henley
Relationships: Crisp Qiles
Sexuality: Straight
Enemies: Lex Northcote
Series Information
First appearance: Breakthrough: The First Flight
Portrayer: Imogen Poots
For the last time, Rob, call me Elliot.

Elliot Bancroft to Rob Henley, Breakthrough: The First Flight

Elliot Bancroft is a main character in Breakthrough: The First Flight. She is the little sister to Roman Bancroft, and shares the wealth with him. She is friends with Crisp Qiles, who she might harbor feelings for, and Rob Henley, the housekeeper to the Bancroft Mansion.

Elliot is portrayed by Imogen Poots


Elliot is a slim, tall, and gorgeous girl. She is stunning with her dirty blonde, wavy, shoulder length hair and her hazel eyes full of happiness.


Elliot is a bubbly, nice person. She is basically the opposite of Roman. Elliot likes to meet new people and make new friends. She doesn't like people to know that she is rich, for the sake of her own friendships. Elliot can be shy sometimes, but will open up.


Rob HenleyEdit

Crisp QilesEdit