Crisp Qiles
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Silver blue
Occupation(s): Wings
Aliases: Bacon, Buddy, Crispy-Crunch (Roman)
Master Qiles (Rob)
Family & Friends
Friends: Elliot Bancroft
Roman Bancroft
Rob Henley
Relationships: Elliot Bancroft
Lex Northcote
Sexuality: Straight
Series Information
First appearance: The First Flight
Portrayer: Nico Tortorella
Isn't that a dude's name? (About Elliot's name)

Crisp Qiles, Breakthrough: The First Flight

Crisp Qiles is a main character in Breakthrough. He is ninteen years of age and is the only character so far in the story to be an avian-human hybrid. Crisp has a brown border collie named Timber.

Crisp makes his first debut in Breakthrough: The First Flight. Crisp is portrayed by Nico Tortorella.


Crisp has been described as handsome, sexy, masculine, etc. He has muscle, but isn't a body builder. Crisp has brown, unkept hair and silver-blue eyes. Crisp is around 5'10" to 6". He has a dark, black wings that can span up to around eighteen feet. When Crisp wants, he can fold up his huge wings and make them around ten feet, and put a shirt over, making him look slightly more normal, except for the fact that there are small buldges right where his shoulder blades are supposed to be.


Crisp is a nice, easy going guy. He is protective and always cares about his friends. Crisp is sensitive about his parents. Crisp doesn't like to kill people, but will fight agaisnt injustice. He will do almost anything to keep the ones he loves safe and untouched from the cruel world.


Crisp was never born with wings. His parents had induced some sort of chemical to Crisp when he was living in his mother's stomach still, which the reason is not yet revealed. His parents never told him about the drug/chemical and Crisp went on living his normal life until around the age of fourteen, he started experencing sharp, deep, pains in his back, around his shoulders. He had fainted multipul times from the pain and had blacked out. His back had been all red and blotchy to begin with, but when Crisp's wings started to form, his back was sensitive and would bleed frequently.

Crisp's parents never went to a doctor, knowing that his wings were growing.

When Crisp was around sixteen or seventeen, he found out about the drug and had set to move out. He dropped out of school. Crisp's parents disowned him and Crisp moved in with Roman.


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